Up to 40% Discount Off Windscreen Replacement Insurance Excess

Even if your insurance company charges you an excess on windscreen replacements, Shatterscreen can save you money by offering a refund - direct to you - of up to 40% of your policy excess without affecting your no claims.

Windscreen Prices - Non Insurance

If your insurance policy does not cover glass damage, don't worry - we can still save you money by offering you a competitive quote for windscreen replacement costs on all van and car makes and models. There's no need to worry about the cost of windscreens because we save you money by working with lower margins.

Windscreen Prices - Insurance

With over 30 years experience in reducing windscreen replacement costs, we are able to offer you the best windscreen replacement prices.

  • HOW? We do this by simply contributing towards your windscreen replacement excess and working with modest margins to offer you the best windscreen replacement prices.
  • WHY? We want your business and want to give you another good reason to choose us to reduce your windscreen cost.
  • HASSLE? None. All you pay is your discounted windscreen replacement price excess. We bill your insurance direct with no-hassle for you.
  • WHAT ABOUT MY NO-CLAIMS? Using your car insurance for windscreen replacement costs does not effect your no-claims benefits.

Call us now for an instant windscreen repair quote on 0800 949 9004 or email us at info@shatterscreen.co.uk


Q. How do you discount my windscreen replacement quote by up to 40%?
A. We do this by simply contributing towards your windscreen cost and working with smaller profit margins to save you money.
Q. What about my 'No-Claims' bonus?
A. Going through your insurance for the cost of windscreen replacement or repair has no effect on your no-claims, premiums or policy.
Q. Do I need to call my insurer?
A. No, we do this for you. We bill them direct, all we need are your policy details and an excess payment (we'll always try to discount your excess too).

Thanks Shatterscreen, my car is my pride and joy and you looked after it superbly. You saved me the full 40% off my windscreen replacement price insurance excess. Extremely pleased. Best windscreen replacement quote I received!

-- Andrew McClaren (Glasgow)

I only have third party insurance for my Golf windscreen and the windscreen price was the deal breaker. I'm really pleased with what I paid and of course the windscreen replacement.

-- Joe Sandler (East London)