Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you discount my auto windscreen replacement excess by up to 40%?
A. We do this by simply contributing towards it and working with smaller profit margins to offer you the cheapest windscreens.
Q. What about my budget windscreen 'No-Claims' bonus?
A. Shatterscreen will always check with your insurer that your windscreen claim will not effect your no claims, premiums, or policy
Q. Do I need to call my insurer?
A. No, we do this for you. We bill them direct for windscreen jobs, all we need are your policy details and an excess payment (we'll always try to discount your excess too).
Q. Who do I pay my auto windscreen replacement excess to?
A. You pay your excess to us, we bill your insurer for the remainder for your auto windscreen replacement.
Q. How much is my windscreen replacement excess?
A. This varies with each insurer but it is usually between £60.00 and £75.00. We'll also discount this for you by up to 40% to offer the cheapest windscreens.
Q. Is auto windscreen replacement always necessary?
A. We only carry out cheapest windscreen replacement if your van or car windscreen is beyond repair
Q. Is auto windscreen repair free?
A. In most cases if you have comprehensive insurance then you are likely to be covered.
Q. My insurer says I should use their recommended supplier
A. You have the right to select your own budget windscreen supplier and we are able to pay towards your excess, saving you money.
Q. What information should I have when I call?
A. Vehicle make and model details, car registration and your insurance details if applicable.
Q. How long does it take?
A. All auto windscreen replacements and repairs and windscreen jobs vary but usually between 45 and 90 minutes.

I really expected it to be a hassle getting my windscreen replaced but Shatterscreen made it so easy! I just gave them a call and within a couple of hours they had come to my workplace and it was all sorted. They even dealt with my insurance company direct saving me from being on hold for ages when I needed to get back to work. I would definitely recommend using them. Thank you.

-- K Thompson, (Sheffield)

I saved £30 on my windscreen replacement excess and they came straight away to my home in Edinburgh, I couldn’t be happier. The staff are super friendly too. I would recommend Shatterscreen to anyone.

-- Sarah Heart (Edinburgh)